Quote about life 2

“Don’t believe in me who believe in you. Don’t believe in you who believe in me. But believe in you, who believe in yourself!”


Kamina to Simon, from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Anime


Quote about life

“Dalam kehidupan, betapapun banyaknya saran yang ada, pada akhirnya, kamu sendiri yang mengambil keputusan.”



Quote about love

S’up boy, are you falling in love with the mirror? Don’t worry about the failure of love. It won’t fail you if you’re courageous. But, you can’t always be lucky. So, good luck

Quote from Amagami SS Anime eps 12, Nakata sae Story, Koibito/Lovers. Said by the director who marry his actress after finishing shooting the film

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