After Hiatus

Yo, I’m Back! Wow, it’s almost a month already since my last post. I’m sorry for my unannounced hiatus. It’s not that I’m already bored with blogging, I just couldn’t get enough free time to post. And a comfortable place too, my room. Yeah, i was not in my own room for 2 weeks. Where was I? why would I tell you? XDD

Oh well, in that long time, what has been changed from me? Not much, really. I’m still an handsome and single employee live in this Jamrud Khatulistiwa. But there’s one thing that change particularly, I’m a SONE now. You don’t know what it is? SONE is fan of So Nyeo Shi Dae, or many call them SNSD/Girls’ Generation. Still don’t get it? Check this page, okay?

Honestly, i have known them since my last day in STAN, on 2009. A friend show me their memorable MV, Gee. At first i just said “Damn, how beautiful they are, and that dance is unique too”. And that’s it, no more particular reaction since i used to saw others MV, posters, photobook, of idols every time i visited his room. But then, i decided to copy that MV and listened it in my room over and over again, a typical reaction when i saw a good song/MV. And when i visited my friend’s room again, he gave me another MV of SNSD. This time is Genie and i was like “wow, thigh! sexy!”. And again, i copied it , listened to it over and over again. But still, I’m not that interested with them. My fave group/band still RHCP although on that time, my computer playlist was consist of almost 80% japanese song. I just followed their new song if someone gave me. Like that time when i was still a trainee in Surabaya. A senior  in office played a song that the singer’s voice seemed familiar in my ear. When I guessed him that it was SNSD, he cheerfully said “wow, you know them too?”. I just smiled and said how beautiful they are. When I took a glance on him desktop wallpapaer, I saw the 9 girls make a pose with costume on their new MV that time, Run Devil Run.

But then I admit, I try to search their personal biography and choose a bias when I know them for the first time. And I found it a troublesome cause they looked similar. I couldn’t tell the difference between Tiffany and Jessica, Taeyeon and Sunny, Yuri and Yoona. I often made a mistake about Seohyun and Hyoyeon name. I just focused on my bias, Sooyoung.

Time passed, In 2010, K-POP virus attacked Indonesia. Many of my japan community friend became addicted with K-pop. A big twist for me to see how my hard-to-listen-music-fan-and-always-headbanging-like-crazy-in-an-event friends became a fan of cheerish-and-full-of-dancing boyband. But i couldn’t blame her to cannot resist the power of handsome man. And again i was surprised when i found that my not-too-otaku friend is a SONE. Wow, he was poisoned too. Oh by the way, that not-too-otaku friend is Macan, if you still remember him from my Japan Tour post.

When i know that Macan is SONE and more updated than me, i started to ask him a link every time he mention a new SNSD MV or song in chatroom.  Slowly but surely, i become a SONE too. And it’s officially decided (by myself) that I’m a SONE after i got a 100gb collection of SNSD from him and downloaded their ITNW Concert for almost 50 hours last month. Man, that was such a struggle. My Zake is on for almost 3 days! I never did such a thing to him before.

That 100gb from Macan consist of many things about SNSD. MV, Album, Concert, Live performance, wallpaper/photo, and variety show. One of my favorite variety show of SNSD is Girls Go To School (GGTS). Why? Because the early year of SNSD career is told in there. And that is a nice show because i can see their effort when they still an unknown girlband, when they still fresh, pure, innocent. I really love it :3

As a SONE, my target is of course to see them live. especially in a concert. Actually, they will hold a concert in Singapore this friday and that is my chance to see them. But….unfortunately….very very unfortunately…..i can’t. I’ve used all of my saving and my free-to-leave-my-work-for-a-few-days quota  (i don’t know the english of “Cuti”) to do Japan Tour. I have a work schedule too on that day and i can’t leave it without being haunted by dismissal threat from my office. Until a few days ago, i had a glimmer hope that they will come to Indonesia next year. Sadly, my hope is crushed when the promotor said that SNSD decided not to come to Indonesia in 2012 😦

Well, I hope all the best for them. And i hope i can see them live soon 🙂

Finally, let’s see how adorable they are in this picture 😀


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