23 years. Yeah, it has been 23 years since i took a first breathe in this world. Now, let’s see, what I’ve experienced up until now.

Took a journey from my birthplace, Gorontalo, to my parents hometown, Probolinggo. That was a dilemma experience. To left behind my childhood friend and met a totally strange people (beside my big family, of course)

Had a first crush, well, a puppy love actually, in the end of 5th grade, on the smartest, prettiest girl in the class. Unfortunately, she had to leave due to her dad job.

Became stutter at…hmm.. 5th grade? and it became worse in junior high school and high school. Became more introvert at that point

Got my first driving license in 11th grade. But i have been taught how to drive it 3 years before.

Being a apprentice at local newspaper in 11th-12th grade, and that made my mark drop. Totally drop. The worst in the class. I still remember how guilty I am for making my dad disappointed, though he never showed it clearly.

Had a first real crush, i think, at least i had a will to marry her at that point, in 12th grade. And, yeah, it didn’t goes well.

Given up my dream as a apprentice in Jawa Pos as i failed to enter ITS and chosed to study in STAN instead. And that wasn’t a bad decision after all. I found myself love that campus so much that i don’t mind to spend my entire life there.

Had a first girlfriend, and the only one girlfriend I’ve ever had up until now, but it didn’t last long. It only last 3-4 month. Curse you Long distance relationship!

Found best friends. Partner in idiocy…okay, i am the idiot, they are the genius. But hey, that’s not too different, is it?

Found a nice new community, a new family, Animac. All Hail Animac!

Had a real crush (again) on my second year in STAN. Struggled for it for…1 and a half years, and sadly, failed.

Went to Pontianak at the end or 2010 as my Institution told me so. Living a carefree live here, really carefree. My room is such a mess now.

Well, that’s it. those things are those that came to my mind as i write this post. I don’t put a much effort to remember many things. Oh well, never mind it. Let’s embrace the future now. Let’s change, for the better future.

Pardon for the bad English.


6 responses to “23rd

  1. i think you could write it longer and longer..
    23 years is not those short, isn’t it..

    but it’s still a nice post, i love it 🙂

    have a greater life ahead!

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